Impact Housing is solely focused on addressing the housing crisis by providing high volumes of quality apartment homes that are naturally affordable for teachers, nurses, military personnel, and other moderate- and low-income renters. Impact Housing’s first four multifamily workforce housing projects in San Diego will add more than 1,300 new apartment homes.

The construction of these new homes will help San Diego fulfill its moderate- and low-income housing targets for the current Regional Housing Needs Allocation cycle (2022-2030).

3167 Market Street

Homes: 34
Neighborhood: Stockton
Projected Completion: 2023
Status: Under Construction

Present Future

3167 Market Street has already started construction and is scheduled to open within a year. Impact Housing’s first active project in San Diego, the 5-story building will add 34 apartment homes in a Downtown-adjacent neighborhood that has not seen substantial new housing construction in decades. The site is located within a block of bus stops that provide direct access into Downtown San Diego’s commercial districts and is less than a 10-minute walk to the 32nd Street & Commercial trolley station.

2911 Adams Avenue

Homes: 72
Neighborhood: North Park / Normal Heights
Projected Completion: 2024
Status: Under Construction

Present Future

The proposed project will add 72 apartment homes to a bustling North Park / Normal Heights pocket lined with popular bars and restaurants. With 2,000 square feet of ground floor retail to extend the commercial activity, 2911 Adams will offer an attractive new housing option to this high-demand location. With its projected completion in 2024, the project will offer studio, 1-bedroom, and 3-bedroom units. The project is situated within a transit priority area (TPA) with access to rapid bus service to trolley stations and employment hubs.

Logan Yards - 1521 National Avenue

Homes: 900
Neighborhood: Barrio Logan
Projected Completion: 2025 (Phase 1 - 570 Units)

Present Future

The Logan Yards project will add apartment homes to the vacant 3.89-acre property at 1521 National Avenue. Logan Yards will provide needed activation to the streetscape and create an attractive gateway between the Barrio Logan and Downtown San Diego neighborhoods. The proposed project offers more than 10,000 square feet of retail and roughly 32,000 square feet of usable greenspace, including a paseo, rooftop terraces, and outdoor amenity areas. It will offer studios, one-, two- and three-bedroom apartment homes, including street-level live/work units on Newton Avenue.

Located adjacent to the 12th and Imperial Transit Center, Logan Yards is also positioned to connect residents to thriving job centers and premiere educational institutions throughout the region.

As an example of smart growth and transit-oriented development, Logan Yards was awarded Circulate San Diego’s Mobility Certification in September 2022. The determination was made by the Circulate Mobility Certification Committee, which consists of local experts in smart growth planning and sustainable transit-oriented development disciplines, including planners, developers, urban designers, and transportation engineers.

6440 El Cajon Blvd

Homes: 324
Neighborhood: College Area
Projected Completion: 2024
Status: Under Construction

Present Future

The proposed project will provide 324 apartment homes to the El Cajon Boulevard corridor in College Area on a site that previously operated as a Howard Johnson hotel. Located in the hub of the Transit Priority Area of the College Area neighborhoods, the 6-story project offers studios, 1-bedroom, and 3-bedroom units.