The Team

Corporate Management
  • Chief Executive Officer
    Drew Orenstein
  • Chief Financial Officer
    Kimmo Sjoroos
  • Director, Finance and Operations
    Diego Morales
  • Chief Communications Officer
    Eduardo “Edu” Santana
  • Senior Manager, Communications
    Hilary Nemchik
  • Manager, Communications
    Antwone Roberts
  • Corporate HR Manager
    Todd McNichols
  • Human Resources Manager
    Patricia Martinez
  • Talent Acquisition Manager
    Nicole Cuellar
  • Executive Administrator
    Shana Palmer
Property Acquisitions
  • Chief Acquisitions Officer
    Rob Shiels
  • Director, Acquisitions
    Danny Fitzgerald
  • Manager, Acquisitions
    Haig Hajenian
  • Senior Associate, Acquisitions
    Will Shimerman
  • Associate, Acquisitions
    Frank Grennie
  • Analyst, Acquisitions
    Nareg Zomdjian
  • Analyst, Acquisitions
    Sam Kurtzman
Project Development
  • Chief Development Officer
    Andrew Ranallo
  • Senior Manager, Predevelopment
    Sergio Sandoval
  • Manager, Development
    Jason Hilger
  • Associate, Development Project Manager
    Justin Kim
Project & Product Design
  • Chief Architecture Officer
    John Kaliski
  • Manager, Project Design
    Andrew Jackson
  • Senior Architect
    Stevie Ford
  • Lead Architectural Designer
    Katherine Yoon
  • Lead Architectural Associate
    Brian Nelson
  • Associate, Senior Designer
    Armen Janazyan
  • Associate, Architectural Designer
    Somi Ghorbani
  • Associate, Architectural Designer
    Miro Jaghlassian
  • Associate Designer I
    Charlie Tokowitz
Housing Production
  • Senior Director, Construction
    Michael Douglas
  • Project Coordinator, Construction
    Donna Thompson
  • Plant Production Manager
    Bill Talbott
  • Director, Product Engineering
    Rod Bryant
  • Director, Preconstruction
    Bob Martin
  • Manager, Product Engineering
    Ben Ford
  • Senior Manufacturing Engineer
    Eric Tseng
  • Supply Chain Manager
    Ron Azzolina
  • Quality Manager
    Michael Howard